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Old Model

Broadcasting your marketing message is not the correct model for online marketing. Content has to motivate the online community to express why they are happy or unhappy with your business/organisation. Coca-Cola are now measuring their success by the total amount of “Expressions” rather then the old metric of “Impressions”.

What are Impressions

Impressions are created when somebody clicks on a page containing an advertisement. The numbers of clicks/impressions the advert receives indicates the level of success of the advert and the ability of the company to drive traffic to that advert. The problem is I could really like an advert and not take action, in fact I could like the advert so much that I click on that page numerous times and never buy the product.


Expressions are different, and the best way to measure your online success. If you take action and express an opinion in the bus/org, you are contributing to that their online community and online profile.

  • Commenting on their blog
  • Posting on their Facebook wall
  • Commenting on their posts on Facebook
  • Sharing their content with your community
  • RTing Tweets which you find interesting
  • Sharing your content with their community

Above are just six of the ways you can take action, this expression of interest in a bus/org is the metric that Coca-Cola are now using to measure their online marketing success. There are many more methods of expression but the list above contains some of the most popular.

Liking and Following are not Expressions

This is a contentious area but in my opinion is based on the following logic. I could go on any Facebook page or any Twitter account and “Like or Follow” but never interact with either location again, where is the benefit in that?

Really there is none, what needs to happen for your bus/org to benefit, to gain a value from the interaction?

If I decide to interact with any online community it should be because I am motivated to take action by the content being shared by the bus/org or service provided.This motivation can be as a result of a good or bad experience.


We had a really great meal on Thursday last week in the @Market_Lane Restaurant in Cork City. They are socially aware so I “liked and followed” them after leaving and commented on the service and quality of the food.

Hi Guys, had a great meal with friends on Thursday evening, the service, food and atmosphere were all great. We took advantage of the “Early Bird Menu”, the choice was super and the quality of the food superb. Thanks to all.

That is an expression

The Benefit

Beyond the obvious why is this important? “Social Proof” and “Peer to Peer” recommendations are the magic gold dust to online marketing. That may seem an over the top statement on my part, it is not, read the figures below. These expressions are what all bus/org should be pursuing to grow their turnover.

I have now become a member of their community and by posting on my wall have become an “Advocate” for @Market_Lane. The stats for online peer to peer recommendations are amazing. 90% of people will accept recommendations from people they know, 70% will accept them from strangers and about the same figure will also accept them from Brands but less than 33% will accept them from banner adverts.

The Nielsen Report quoted on the link provided should provide some food for thought.


Take Action Now

Taking these figures into account shows why your bus/org should be building an online community full of advocates. This can only be achieved with Dynamic content based around the service your bus/org provides.