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In earlier blogs I stated, business’s that are not already online promoting products and services should consider strongly the business development, that social media can bring. Here I will explain in very real terms why I made that statement.

Current online figures for Ireland are.

  • Online, over 3 million Irish people, over sixty five percent of the population.
  • Facebook 1.9 millions users with an Irish address.
  • LinkedIn over 400,000 users with an Irish address.
  • Twitter over 240,000 users with an Irish address.

For more stats see the link below.

These are the headline figures for the largest social media sites and do not include blogging, gaming, discussion forums, reading newspapers and generally keeping up with the latest information. The average Irish online user spends over 18 hours per month surfing the web. Why are these figures relevant to business?

It is likely your customers are among these figures, so why would you not allow them to see and interact with your product where they spend so much time. A curious fact is, users also believe what they hear from their online community, rather then what they hear from business. Over 80% of the online community will validate product/service recommendations online. See link below. This is a startling stat which should concern/interest any business who does not have an online presence to monitor what people are saying about their company and more importantly, responding to what they are saying.

The figures quoted above will not surprise the online user, they should get the attention of any business person who is not currently leveraging this market, at all or badly. Those of you who do not have an online strategy built around objectives and outcomes, tangible outcomes.

  • How could an online strategy benefit my bottom line.
  • How can this online strategy be best leveraged to boost my companies brand.
  • How can we appeal to the online community so that we are in their mind when they next go to purchase a similar product/service.

To the online community, this is “the new normal”. The vast majority of consumers believe that online shopping is cheaper, so as they build trust in, sites, deliveries and information security, their online spending will increase. As a business person you have to access if an online presents is necessary for your business or not.

Looking at those figures, can you honestly say, Social Media, that’s only for the Kid’s:)



PS: Great to see Munster Rugby back at the knock out stages of the H/Cup after a one year absence.