Towards the end of last year the urge to blog again, after a near two year hiatus, resurfaced along with some interesting questions. Why would I blog, what would I write about, what value would my blog be to anybody that bothered to read it?

My previous blogging was based largely on the sectors in which I was making a living, retail furniture and coaching, both personal and executive. This gave me a rich and varied source of content, along with my twin passions of golf and rugby, it was easy to find a topic, just pull the trigger and rant. Everyone that knows me well, will know that I do not do fence sitting.

Two years on I am in the middle of the next phase of my business career which was hit by the recession. In my mid forties, probably unemployable, the question was, what could I do to start a new company. One which would be able to grow despite the current economic situation. Having played around with blogging and digital media, my intuition led me to the belief that this sector was where I could bring my passion to communicate with people to bear.

Two years ago Andrew Townley and I started a journey which has brought us to a start-up consultancy company called the Ahain Group, with some major bumps along the way. We have gathered together a group of people from a diverse background in digital on-line marketing, PR, Branding, EA, on-line security…. with varying qualifications and talents. My role within this group is relationship management, both internal and external.

Hence my question what value can my blog be to the digital online sector? Certainly it can not be a tech blog, I would be laughed out of town and rightly so. My understanding of digital media and social business is growing on a daily basis and like a lot of my contemporaries it is an eye opening experience, a little daunting and an area which has so much potential.

I have decided to blog on my developing knowledge and how this “The New Normal” as Peter Hinssen describes the digital sector in his book, can effect the Irish business sector. How your companies embracing of the medium can lead to the development of Irish business.

These will be my opinions, personal to my developing understanding of the sector and will not reflect that of the Ahain Group. I hope you will enjoy, debate and offer your opinions in return.

John Twohig.

PS: I may also include the odd rant about rugby and golf:)