Hi Guys,

I have not blogged in two years, some of you will be thankful, others just oblivious. Starting Jan 2012 I am re-entering the fray. The theme will be on Social Business/Media in an Irish business context. What does that mean? Well as I deal with people on behalf of our new company The Ahain Group, things will occur to me and this is where I will post my thoughts.

These thoughts will be my own and not reflect those of anybody else or the companies. These thoughts will hopefully help business people to navigate the digital world and understand if their business is best suited to leveraging its undoubted benefits. It may even give insights as to how to best go about it.

I am not a Social Media guru or expert, my education started twelve months ago and there is lots to learn. At 46 years of age I am on a fast track learning curve from my colleagues and the digital community around the world. This journey may be interesting and knowing me will contain mistakes, big one’s.  Come along for the ride I hope it will be fun and educational for both of us.

Welcome to my “new normal”.