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Since I re-started my efforts to educate myself I have looked to read books and research to compliment the courses I am attending.This process has led to my entering a process every six months which is an Audit of my, Values, Principal’s and the manner in which I deal with all the people in my life.Is my behaviour congruent with all I wish to accomplish in my life?This is a very enlightening and empowering experience, one which you should not enter unless you are going to be totally honest in your assessment of yourself.It can throw up some interesting results, some of which you may or not be happy with.These results may be just the wake up call you require as from there you can take action to correct the behaviour which has shown up as you complete the audit.I found this time around that an old failing of mine had re-emerged into my thinking and how I was viewing my success in all areas of my daily life, work, home and play.

This limiting behaviour which I had thought I had eliminated was that I did not deserve to have success.That I was not worthy of succeeding at the level I aspired.Why had I this feeling in the first place?That would be down to “Judgements” both mine and others. Judgements that had being placed on me by others and by myself over the years.Judgements that I had taken on board and allowed to limit my development to the point where I had set my goals in life much lower than I should have and I was in danger of reaching down to grasp them.One Greek philosopher once said that the greatest danger for mankind was that we would set our goals so low that when we achieved them we would be under-achieveing and not fulfilling our potential.

I have written about “Negative Judgements” before on this blog and how limiting they can be.How they can dis-empower people by their very existence and because they are negative they will limit peoples growth and expectations.Even though I am aware of these judgements and their power I fell back into letting them limit my thought process regarding a new business project I am involved with my wife.Lucklily I spotted this behaviour early and have now taken action to eliminate it from my thought process again.

It was due to the business opportunity that I noticed the behaviour had returned and this could have had an effect on all my relationships as it had before.If you are not reaching your full potential your will get frustrated and even angry by your failure to fulfill your dreams, this in turn led me to do my Re-Evaluation Audit a bit early to make sure nothing else had crept back in.I am glad to say that is not the case and the congruence which I am working every day to build is working very well.

To carry out this process is simple and is not as grand a process as the title can make it sound.All it needs is for you to examine your Goals, Values and Principals, which you should have written and stored somewhere, mine are on my Desktop, review them and ask yourself are they congruent with what you want to achieve now.They were when you wrote them down six months ago, but have things changed, has life and living pushed you in a different direction and if so do you need to alter them in a small/large way to make them fit your current reality.Life is always fluid and we are always changing some people deal with change better than others.Some are frightened by change and do not want it, but it is always there.If we ignore it we are in danger of being left behind.Our lives could lose relevance and we can get left behind.This can happen in work or in our private lives.Our relationships are constantly changing and if we lose our relevance we are in danger of losing them. 

Relationships fail because we do not keep up with other peoples changes so we are not current with what matters most to them.We get stuck in our world and ignore others, we ignore their lifes difficulties because we are so centered on ourselves.This also happens at work because the company moves on and we do not respond to the change, suddenly we find ourselves on the outside looking in and wonder why?The same applies to business, the market changes and we miss it due to being so busy IN our business instead of working ON our business.These changes do not even have to be that large but if we are reviewing our relevance regularly then life will move on and leave us behind. 

This process is something I have only started in the last year.It was as a result of work I had being doing with my coach.It is a brilliant process one which comes recommended to everybody and which I am available to help people with.If you think coaching is of interest to you contact me and I will be delighted to take part in your journey.