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Here we go again more problems for the Government and no end in sight.Bombs are going off alround our political leaders and they are helpless to stop them.It must be very difficult to get up in the morning right now for fear of what PR disaster is coming next.Years ago the then Fine Gael leader Alan Dukes was described by one of his own party members in the following way,” if it was raining soup he would be holding a fork”, not very nice but what would the person say of the present Government.What was said of Dukes was mild in comparison to how we could all describe the present bunch.

The latest X-ray story from Tallagh Hospital is another in a long list of incompetence from the from the Public Sector and like all the others nobody will be held responsible,nobody will be fired and nobody will admit that the HSE is so big and the management so poor that there is more stories out there being supressed in an effort to cover up all the problems.This despite the fact that I believe the Dr.Drumm has brought some improvements to the health sector as has out Health Minister, Mary Harney.

I realise that this is not a popular position and Mary Harney is not popular with many people just now and having a teenage daughter I was not impressed when she withdrew the Cervical Cancer jab last year.This has since being restored at a fraction of the original cost to the Government.We as tax payers are getting much better value because of the stand she took at the time.If she was playing hard ball with the suppliers of the jab it worked.A success story for a change.

We seem to be stumbling from one crisis to another.This is all about the lack of management and lack of leadership within Irish Politics in general.We do not have anybody who we could say that you would follow into battle.There is nobody in the political scene that you could say, if he/she was to issue a rallying cry I would follow.Management is all about being proactive and building momentum tackling the problems head on and solving the issues.The culture within the HSE is the same culture that is evident throughout the public sector.Nobody is at fault, there is no responsibility and it is all about self-preservation and of course you can not be fired no matter what you do wrong.One person died because of the Tallagh situation like the Limerick Hospital problem two years ago.What happened there,nothing.In America the person responsible would be in prison.

Here in Ireland we just shrug our shoulders and blame somebody else, because of the lack of responsibility and the fact that you can not lose your job has led to the present inertia.This inertia is fuelled by the Government as it is the leadership from the top down that leads to a company performing or not performing.If you have lived on planet Zog for the last twenty years you would not be aware of the rank incompetence displayed by our politicians and their side kicks in the top levels of the public sector.

At no stage do these people have to balance the books at no stage do they have to account to anybody,WHY.This leads to all sorts of behavioural problems, when you can do what you want without fear of repercussions or accountability the FAS/Dublin Port Authority situation occurs.Values and principles go out the window because the people in question feel untouchable.The ego gets inflated and your decision-making gets skewed and you have the unbridled waste that is our public sector.Why do these Quangos need corporate boxes in Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium.Why should they fly first class, why should they feel it is ok to bring the partner.

Now this behaviour was not exclusive to the public sector, it also happened in the banks, why?Coruption pure and simple.Just like the public sector.Nobody was watching the bosses, nobody was keeping an eye on the leaders, these guys should have been leading from the top.But their values and principles went out the window as they got high on power.Mr Fingleton and Mr Fitzpatrick both behaved outrageously because they felt they could, nobody would catch them.

All this behaviour is based on what is going on around these people, what is acceptable behaviour and if you look at our politicians Ray Burke, Charlie Haughey, Liam Lawlor and many more is it any wonder the behaviour of less principled people would sink to the level of our country’s leaders.Since the late seventies the culture of corruption has pervaded this country and we have as a country culpable in the sitaution.We have re-elected politicians who have been convicted of curruption.Groups of people have supported these politicians and voted them back into power,WHY? 

My opinion is that we viewed it in the following way, that the only problem was that these guys got caught,sure isn’t everybody at it in some way.Greed pure and simple has governed this country for some time and until that cycle is broken and politicians come forward for the reason of running this country for the people and not to line their own pockets we will not move forward.Until our Government govern and make people accountable for their action these bombs I spoke of earlier will continue to explode.