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In my post earlier this week I put forward the theory that we can attract success to our selves if we follow a path of positive thought and a clear vision of what we want from out lives.This I argue can be achieved even in the present climate of recession and despite the current climate of ressession.I quoted the book The Secret of Attracting Success by an author called Wattles.This book was written in the early part of the twentieth century and contains a lot of the same subjects as the book The Secret.It discussess the Four Universal Laws, Gratitude,Focus, Momentum and Attraction.

In both books people are being asked to make a leap of faith.That if they take control of their lives, despite their current reality than there is a help out there for them.That with the correct focus and goals they can achieve what they want and this includes visualisation of what success means to you.If that is a big house, a new car, a thriving business, passing exams, playing better golf or just having a happier life, all of this is available to you.All you have to do is set the ball rolling by visualising those things, believing that you can achieve these things and attracting that success to you from the ether.This is a major leap of faith, that this can be successful and that you are not a nut case for believing it can happen.

At first glance this looks very fanciful and it took me some time to get my head around what it really meant.It really is only common sence and not at all fanciful, not at all as fanciful as you may think and I will try to explain why.For success in any endeavour you need a number of things to start with.A plan, you need to act on the that plan, you need to see that plan to the end. There are two of the universal laws in that last sentence alone.A plan, focus, a need to act, momentum.These are everyday occurences to you and me in our daily life, but we get taken by the fancy lingo which frightens people and they feel that these laws could not possibly having any meaning to their lives.

Gratitude is the next law which is something missing from a lot of peoples lives but is easily added back to your life.If you are thankful for what you have at present and look to improve your life, your momentum will carry you forward and to help you achieve you goals.Being humble or having some gratitude for what you achieve along your journey is not difficult unless you are a very arrogant person and it does help you to succeed.

Attraction is the leap of faith that I spoke of earlier and the law most people have difficulty getting their head around.Attraction is the law that people have the greatest intellectual difficulty with because it asks you to believe that if you want success all you have to do is believe you can achieve it and that visualisation is the greatest tool in your locker for this.You also have to BELIEVE, you can visualise all you like but if you do not believe then you are at nothing.The biggest hurdle to this is your intellect,intellectually your ego is telling you that this is not possible.Your intellect is screaming at you NOOOoooooooo this can not be.Why,because we are raised in a community that could not believe the law of attraction could exist.That this is something only the crazy americans could believe in.

Well I am here to tell you that successful people the world over use this Visualisation and The Law of Attraction to aid their success and it is not as “out there” as you think.As children we boys played soccer and imagined we were our heros and that we were playing in the world cup or the cup final.Some of us grew up to do that.Those people did not forget their dream.The dream that they visualised stayed with them.The Munster Rugby team is full of people who imagined that they would one day play for Ireland and the Lions.I have seen this written in interviews with these guys and I know it to be true.Only some of these people succeeded in achieving those dreams but my point is that success is what you make of it.

My personal goal is to play golf off scratch handicap.This would be my goal achieved and my idea of success within that dream or goal.I currently play off three.In business my goal would to have a successful business that can sustain my family and I in a quality of life that I have and want to maintain.That would be success for me.We have goals and we will set them higher every year and this will in turn lead to us achieving more.Success is different for everybody and should only be measured by you and you alone.If you measure your success against other people that’s fine but set realistic goals and raise them every year.There is no point is judging your success against Michael O Leary if you do not have a job, or if you are only in college.You can set him as your ideal but Michael O Leary had a starting point as well and has taken twenty years to achieve what he has achieved.

So to attract your chosen success you have to visualise, set goals and build your momentum by maintaining your focus.These are easy to write down on paper but having the discipline to do all of these things on a daily basis is the deal breaker if you build a plan but do not carry it out then you will not succeed.I am reminded of Doctor Bob Rotella’s book The Fifteeth Club in which he gives over two chapters to Padraig Harrington.In these chapters he is very complimentary of the fact that when Padraig is asked about his success by fellow professional golfers, Padraig always recommends that the professional see Dr. Bob Rotella to improve their game and thereby gives the other professional a chance to become as good as Padraig.Dr. Bob asked Padraig why he would be willing to giving this advantage to a fellow pro. as it is very possible that the other pro. could beat Padraig using the mental coaching the Dr Bob would teach him?

Padraig’s answer was very telling, he said that he had no problem giving the professional Dr Bobs name but he was confident that the pro. would not live the life that he Padraig was willing to live to succeed, using Dr Bobs training methods.He reckoned that not many people would have the discipline to live the life day in day out.To put everything possible into achieving what Padraig has achieved.That most people would not make the sacrifice necessary to make best use of the benefits that he, Padraig had received from working with Dr. Bob.

This is all part of what it takes to succeed but I am again at pains to point out the success is what you judge it to be.If any of the above is of interest to you please contact me or any other coach and we would be delighted to help you with your journey.