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Over the last number of years we have being working hard to make a success of our retail business’s and with the current reality this has not been easy as you will all have experienced.We have done a lot of reading in an effort to improve our chances of success.Some of the books have been great others just rubbish.We were taken with The Secret and decided to research the Universal Laws,Attraction,Momentum,Focus and my own favorite Gratitude.Thru out the Secret these are mentioned and the successful people featured talk about all four and how they followed these universal laws and they had success due to following these laws and incorporating them into their daily lives. 

For some people the video and book where a little to American for their liking and I could concur with that, but the basic tenets are workable for everybody and if you could not handle the Secret you should have a look at another book The Science of Getting Rich, attracting financial success through creative thought.A long title but a short book.The writer Wallace D. Wattles wrote the book in the early nineteen hundreds and the book is now nearly one hundred years old.It claims to be the book on which the Secret is based and you can see the similarities as it does focus on the Universal Laws with a special mention for Gratitude. 

The book is only one hundred pages and has a full set of questions at the end to see where you paying attention.It does ask you to believe that there is something other than ourselves in the universe.If you are not into God then that’s ok.What Wattles wants you to do is accept the principle of another force and he argues that if you imagine the success you want, it will if you are proactive, build momentum and do all of this in an honest manner without resorting to sharp practise come to you.Now not to long ago I would have thrown the head at this point and said this is all b***s**t, but research has shown me there is a huge body of people that believe in the concept and one very interesting quote I found recently really made me sit up and take notice. 

“That which is impenetrable to us really exists.Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle,intangible, and inexplicable.Vereration for this force beyond anything that we can comprehend is my religion” It came as a total surprise to me to find this quotation is from Albert Einstein one of the greatest minds of our time.Most scientist’s do not believe in anything but their pursuit of answers.To see that one of the greatest minds in the world believes that there is something that cannot be explained out there has changed my mind completely. 

To those of you who regularly read my blog will know that I believe God is within us and not anywhere else.God is our soul, the spirit within us is God.So I believe that how we live our lives here on earth is our test.How we conduct ourselves will dictate what happens next.What is that?I do not have a bulls notion.On reading further it is apparent that other enlightened minds where of the same idea as Einstein.These include Sir Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton from and earlier time but also genius’ of their time and still relevent to science many years after their deaths.Both were of the opinion that all we needed for our success was within our own control, within our own bodies and mind.That the power we need is in us when we are born but we have lost the ability to tap into this power. 

Why are some people more successful than others?Now you can interpret success in any endeavour in life.I do not mean world beaters are the only successful people.Success can be only measured by yourself.If you attempt to improve yourself and are happy you have achieved this goal then that’s success.Both Bacon and Newton were of the opinion that our brain contained the power to give us all the success we would need in life and much more, giving some people mythical powers but we have forgotten how to tap into these powers over the centuries. 

We do not need mythical powers to succeed but we do need to believe in our own ability and we need to harness all the power that is available to us and it is there for us if we would only take it.All the power is internal but it needs belief,belief and belief in yourself.I suggest you read the book by Wattles as it is very interesting and is available on Amazon.Follow the instructions in the book and see if the success that you want comes.We have and have found changes and a level of success which is measureable in the current reality and is a stepping stone to the level of success we wish to achieve.We are very gratefull for the success and will continue to work towards our overall goal.

If any of the above is of interest to you please contact me or any coach in your area.We would be delighted to part take in you journey.