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I have written about Tiger Woods difficulties in the past, around the time of the crash on Thanks Giving Day in America and I wrote that really his position as the most successful golfer of all time was tainted by his lack of respect for the game and his fellow professionals.In these articles I high- lighted the story of Fuzzy Zellor as an example of Tiger misusing his position within the game to punish somebody who made a mistake.This abuse of power had resulted in people respecting and fearing Tiger but not loving him.There was no gratitude in Tiger for what the game of golf had given to him.It was all about what Tiger could take out of the game and that when he passes Jack Nicklaus’s record for most majors won it would be his crowning glory.

Sadly it had all gone wrong before the crouching hydrant, reversing Tiger incident.To watch him on television on Friday night apologising for all the world to see was hard.I am first and foremost a golf fan and would have followed this guy since the start of his career.I have played the game since childhood and I am steeped in the traditions of the game so I have a good grasp of the overall situation within the game.With that in mind I am going to give my opinion on the press conference and what has happened over the last while.

Fridays press conference was a major step for a control freak like Tiger Woods.It was also an incredible step for somebody in treatment and who had the look of somebody who is completely lost.Who’s world is in free fall and does not know where he is going.You may say that it is all self-inflicted and I would agree.He used the word I, 108 times in the statement he read out.So he would agree with you too.All this was created by Tiger Woods!Nobody else is to blame,but that does not take away from the difficulty in the statement or having to put himself in front of the entire world and apologise.

In the reaction that followed the statement a lot was made of his wife Elin not being there, there should not be, they never do anything regarding their family matters in public.Also I am sure that Elin has heard the word sorry so often at this stage that she had no interest in hearing it again, the words you have made your bed now go lie in it, would spring to mind as they discussed how they should approach the press conference and of course Tiger did mention that Elin has told him that the proof of his change will be time and behaviour change.This holds thru for any recovering addict whether that is drink,drugs or a control freak gone mental.

Another point made by some commentators was that it was staged and he had been coached.Correct on both points and I should hope so to.If Tiger had made his apologise’s looking at the floor and not at the camera he would have being crucified for not being truthful.If he had not got a full statement that he had not rehearsed again he would have being crucified and many more people would not have believed him.I have done presentations and they are never easy.Can you imagine the pressure the guy must have being under going in front of the world to bear all.Ouch!To admit he alone was responsible for the disaster into their life’s.

Shortly after I gave up drink, I sought and received help from a number of people and place’s and without them I would not have made the transition to a non drinker without them, but after people agreed to help me and the penny finally dropped that I was about to lose the most important people from my life if I did not make changes to my life permanently, then and only then did the gravity of the situation hit me.This led to a feeling of total loss, almost like a death of a loved one.The bottom just dropped out of my world and despite getting encouragement from those very people, they were looking for action and not words to prove that I had changed.No amount of therapy will convince you that are going to succeed, only time and action will see you thru.If you are sincere about what you want, which in my case was my family,then this pain is the reminder to you what life would be like without those people to share the rest of your life with.

As I looked into the eyes of Tiger Woods on Friday evening I could see a man lost in that pain.Only Tiger can say if the loss is the fact that he could lose his family or the fact the main goal in his life for twenty years, being the greatest golfer in the world, is his greatest loss.Only he knows if the sacrifice of his career for his family is a strong enough motivational factor to his recovery.By saying that he will someday return to golf he has taken a major step, by not rushing back he is giving himself room to discover his truth and nobody else can do that.To have to strip bare in front of billions of people was an immensely hard and difficult thing to do, for this he should receive credit.Not all the major cheating sports stars, pop stars, politicians and movie stars who have done what Tiger has done have had the balls to come on television before the world and say sorry.The only reason Magic Johnston did it was because he was HIV positive.

As David Walsh the sports writer in the Sunday Times said in today’s paper you might not have loved the old Tiger,respected yes,but that very damaged and vulnerable Tiger on Friday you could grow to love if he has learned a lesson and continues to develop into a more complete human being.If this place he now finds himself is the start of the recovery and in time he finds happiness with his family and maybe golf will feature some where on the horizon.

For now I wish him and his family well and to you if any of the above is of interest to you contact me or any personal coach in your area and we will be honoured to part-take in your journey.