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All of us would at some time thought, life is hard. We would have wished that things were, well, easier. That things would just happen for us. “I would love to win the Lotto then all my problems would be solved”. We would not have to go to work in the morning and all my debts would be gone. We could sit there and wait and wait for it to happen. The Lotto win might happen sometime but sitting there waiting for it to happen is going to achieve nothing. Recently I came across another super quote from Jim Rohn and it really does capture the essence of what we need to do to succeed in Life.

“Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom”. I collect these sayings for my motivational speaking and of course I also use some of the better saying for myself in my everyday life and this is among my favorites. Why? It says everything to me that I need to do on a daily basis and if I am to be true to myself the sentiment in the quotation would now become the mantra for the rest of my life.

We are on a one shot deal in this life, there is no second chance. We do not get to go back to the beginning and start over and correct the mistakes of the first effort. Life is not like tennis,we do get a second serve. Recently while twittering I was told to take this view was quite morbid and not very happy-clappy or positive and all the hyped rubbish. I qualified as a Personal and Executive Coach I do not subscribe to the view that if you make people feel good about themselves for a few minutes and do not deal with the problems in their lives then a short time later they will find themselves back dealing with the same problems they came to me with in the first place. Which in my view would be very unprofessional of me.

When people engage a coach they are looking for answers and not waffle, but not all are willing to embrace the fact that they are the problem and to solve the problem needs them to take responsibility for their actions. As it is their very actions that have brought them to the coach in the first place. Consciously they may not be aware of this but subconsciously they are and it is how we would deal with that during the coaching sessions that would dictate the success of the sessions.

If we examine the saying of Jim Rohn’s we find all the skills that we will need to get thru all of life’s challenges. This may strike some as hard, it may strike some as unrealistically simple but that is life, very simple.We manage to complicate life by not facing up to its challenges all the time. This is not easy I accept and take it from somebody who ran away from these same challenges on a number of occasions myself in the past, it is not easy, but that is exactly what Jim Rohn is saying it is not easy but it will be fulfilling and when you achieve all of what he is proposing in his saying you will have a better life and it will be easier. If you deal with all life’s challenges head on and do not let them drag you down by putting off dealing with them.Life will get easier and more fulfilling.

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