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Coaching takes many forms and like all professions some people have different views on how to get the best out of coaching.Personal coaching to me is all about the client and the client’s development.As the coach it is my job to facilitate the process that leads to your development, to be the conduit by which the client can examine their-selves and their life, pick out what they feel is wrong with that life and effect change to move forward towards the necessary growth for change to take place.

Coaching is now becoming more professional and organised than ever in Ireland and before any client picks a coach they should ask some key questions of that coach.What is their qualification and how does that measure up to the Fetac System of ratings.This is becoming the bench mark for all further ratings of many qualifications thru out the country.The life experience of the coach is also very important as if the person has not lived the experience to me it is difficult to see how they can give solid advice,except that of learned advice.One of my own favorite saying is “have they walked the walk and can they back up the talk”

The whole experience should begin with you as the client been put at ease and all the house keeping should be dealt with there and then.House keeping is just that a number of forms to establish the ground rules and ethics to which I as your coach operate.These ethics are sadly not high enough up the agenda in some cases and are the biggest leap forward within the coaching world over the last five years or so.It was a lack of qualification and ethics that led to life coaching getting a poor reputation in the past. 

After we have dealt with those few issues it all comes down to you.What do you want from the session and what is it that has brought you to contacting me and asking me to be your coach?This is the defining moment really this is where we as coaches can see if you are serious about the process or are you looking to have a chat over coffee.Is there issues for you which you are willing, no matter how hard, to share in an effort to move forward and deal with those issues.It can take some time for you the client to feel comfortable with your coach and you may only just skirt over the issues initially.You may feel that you need more time to build the trust necessary with the coach before you can share the inner most difficulties that you have and how they affect your life.I would always say to the client at this stage that it will take up to ten sessions and that we should have a review after five sessions to see where we stand in the process.Some people open up very easily and if the coach as established empathy with the client early this will move the whole process forward.

The coaching sessions should challenge you as the client.You should feel an element of pressure.This pressure should be like the feelings you would have experienced going into an examination in school or a interview.It should not be uncomfortable but it should not be so comfortable like a chat over coffee,because to me if this element is missing you as a client are to comfortable and you are not pushing yourself.If you are not challenging yourself what are you doing there in the first place.It is my job as coach to try to bring that challenge out in you.I will ask the difficult questions and I will push you to share and I will attempt to explain the feelings and attempt the unblock the blocked.

All this will be done in a considered way not in any way to make you feel badly after the session.I as coach would want to know that when you are finished your session that you are comfortable with the challenge we both threw down during it.The sessions should take you out of your comfort zone and the uncomfortable feeling I mentioned earlier should be replaced with a feeling afterwards of growth and that you as the client had learned some thing new about yourself.Or realised what you already knew but would not admit to yourself.

All of what you need is inside you.It is our job as coach to bring that out.Some of these emotions and feelings are great some are not good.But if they are not confronted by you, you will never get past them and thereby never reach your potential.As Abraham Maslow said”One can choose to go back towards safety or forward towards growth.Growth must be chosen again and again;fear must be overcome again and again”.To some people this is too much and the fear wins out every time.If you are serious about moving forward than that fear has to be faced down at some time in your life.By facing down this fear you will find growth and confidence that you never thought possible.I know because I was the client some years ago.I have achieved all of it and it is exhilarating.

If the above issues are of interest to you please feel free to contact me or any other personal coach in your area.We would be delighted to part take in your journey.