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Being a big rugby fan and looking forward to going to Thomond,pronounced Toomond in Limerick, Friday night for the match against Northhampton I was looking this morning at the Examiner and reading the articles about the match.One article caught my eye on the South African centre Jean de Villiers where he was discussing the fact that he had been dropped from the team for not performing up to the standards expected of him on his arrival this summer.In the article he said some thing very interesting about how he reacted to being dropped for the first time in his playing career.This relates to Ireland and the present difficulties we are experiencing.

He said that after being dropped he blamed the team,the manager,every body was wrong and it was everybody else’s fault.Slowly it dawned on him that it all came back to just one person, him!So when this finally dawned on him he took action and corrected what was wrong and won his place in the team back.The normal behaviour of players dropped is to mope around and feel sorry for himself but de Villiers did not fall into the pattern.He did all the things that was expected of a squad member, carrying water bottles and tracksuits jackets for the team picked for that match with a smile on his face,despite what he was feeling inside.Not only has he re-turned to the team but has played very well since his return.

Now you may be asking how does that relate to the current reality that I have written about on a number of occasions and taking ownership.Jean de Villiers took ownership of his actions.He dealt with what he could deal with, what he had control over.He did not waste valuable energy in worrying about things he could not control.He asked the management what in their eyes what he was doing wrong, they told him and he set about correcting these issues.

How does that relate to us.JohnF.Kennedy once said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.Now we are getting kicked from all sides and someone said to me on twitter today where does it all end .The list of all that problems of the last twelve months was considerable.Most of it beyond our control most of it nothing that we are responsable for.Snow, ice, floods and swine flu, what in that list can you control nothing, so why take ownership of them why waste your time and energy.

De Villiers comments also show a maturity which we could all do with.Stop feeling sorry for ourselves and take ownership of OUR current individual reality and improve our own situation.This in turn will help the country as we will take pride again in our performance, improve confidence and generally return us to our happy ways.It was a breath of fresh air to see such honesty from a superstar of the rugby world.He could have glossed over the facts when he was interviewed and not said anything of importance.This honesty is always on view when Munster rugby players are interviewed and when they play.It explains the success of the team over the last ten to fifteen years and it is behaviour that our government and the general population of our great country could do with replicating.

If we all took ownership of our own situation we would be along way down the road recovery and that would not be at all bad.

If any of the above is of interest to you but you are not sure how to get started on you journey, contact me or any personal coach and we would be delighted to be part of that journey.