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The title of todays post may seem a bit obvious but it is sometimes lost and with that comes our old friend negativity.During the present crisis with all the bad news it was hard to keep our focus on being optimistic.Fear had gripped the world and it seemed only bad news and pessimism was the order of the day.With out optimism the further looks very bleak and when fear pervades we wonder can we make the mortgage payment,the car repayments, the child’s education payments, we shrink back with the worry and if we allow ourselves to we become completely caught up in a cycle of negativity.

Jim Rohn wrote ” Don’t wish it was easier; wish you were better, don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills.Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom”.This at first sight may give you the reaction; thats easy for him to say, but if you’re honest with yourself it is a challenge that we all must take on board every day to be optimistic for ourselves in ourselves.

Fear fills the vacuüm created by a lack of optimism, in the saying above he says wish we were better and by this he means that if we increase our skills set we become better.Move forward towards growth embrace this growth be optimistic about our further.Each one of the three elements of the quotation is about human growth and embracing all that fear all that negativity and looking for a way forward, never backwards. 

These attributes are very easily lost in everyday life, which can be a struggle and we lose sight of our life ‘s goals in the humdrum battle of survival in todays world.We are constantly assailed by the media with the negative rarely the positive.It is a struggle to see past all that, without guidance and help.Jim Rohn’s saying is an attempt to shake us out of that feeling of loss and to refocus us on what we really need to be doing for ourselves.It is all about Optimism if you think about it you rarely meet pessimistic people that you would aspire to be like.Pessimist’s are boring people who leave boring lives and have nothing good to say about anything, why would you choose to be like that and yet people do choose to be like that unconsciously.

Nothing creative can come from pessimism and if we want to have all the skill’s to deal with our lives challenges we have to be optimistic, but this needs us to be brave and that goes against the natural Irish mentality, the comedian Des Bishop said recently where better than Ireland for a recession, we love it.Our natural disposition is to pessimism because of our history we were always down trodden and if we do not  break this cycle the next generation will have the same problems.

Maslow says in his hierarchy that it is only when we have our needs taken care of along with our self-esteem and we are at the self-actualization stage that growth can occur.This has been so true over the last two years because the natural reaction of people when threatened is the shrink backwards.When your safety is under attack your optimism is under attack.It is a primal fear to circle the wagons and re-trench.That is okay in the short-term but we have to get back on the road to growth as soon as possible to meet our goals.To live life and not just survive it.

I have turned the corner over the last number of years, slowly to be sure but it has happened.It is difficult as you have to break bad habits.This takes time you do not wake up one morning and decide that I am going to be optimistic without falling back into old habits,without having relapse’s but with the right support it is very achievable.So embrace 2010 and all it holds for you and remember to be optimistic for self growth.

If any of the above seems to make sence to you but you can not see the path forward for yourself .Contact myself or any Personal Coach in your area.We can all do with a little help to re-start the journey.