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In one of the blog posts during the week I said there all really four universal laws, as I had added Gratitude.This is just my opinion and really is a very personal issue for me.What got me really thinking about gratitude was when I went to turn on my cold water tap the other day, nothing came out!The pipes outside were frozen due to the extreme weather over that period in Ireland.In the other bathroom I could hear my good wife giving out yards because of the inconvenience that this caused.Many were without water longer than us some over a week and some longer.Pile this on top of the ice on the roads and footpaths, the recession, the swine flu,rising unemployment, the Ryan report, the floods of last month,etc,etc,etc!

Where is it all going and what is it doing to people,are we still alive,yes, do we still have our house’s,almost all yes, are we on the streets begging for food,no, do we have free speech,yes, can we still drive our cars yes,are we THAT badly off,NO.Have we had real devastation on the scale in Haiti NO.

This is what has struck me over the last two years.It is as much a revelation for me as it would be for anybody else because I was caught up in the same cycle.In general terms we have lost ourselves in the living process over the last ten to fifteen years and become totally consumerised and consumed by our own selves our Ego, we are unable to see what we have.I will put my hand up and say that was me, all the above would have been me.Absolutly no gratitude for what I had or now have.No gratitude for my health, no gratitude for my family, no gratitude for my possessions, they were never enough! 

Was I alone in this frenzy of consumerism, no it seemed to grip the vast majority of the population in Ireland and the Western World.Three years ago I appointed my mother my higher power after she died.This was because I felt that I needed some one batting for me in what ever is out there in the efter life.I would speak to her off and on during periods of trouble in my life.Not being religious  and not being a member of any congregation I felt alone.Have no doubt there are options there aplenty but they were not for me.Some months ago it dawned on me that I only spoke to her when I was in trouble, this was by my own reckoning selfish and had to change.So I started to talk and thank her every day, morning or night for my day and all the good things in my life.Gratitude has become a daily thing for me and I am coping with all the challenges that my life is experiencing right now and they are numerous.We own two retail businesses in Ireland at the present time so you can understand that is something which could trigger stress points all day every day.

Due to the fact that Gratitude is now part of my daily routine these challenges have become much easier to deal with.That is not to say that I do not relapse into negativity now and then but with my mother batting for me that can only last for a very short time and I cop myself on and get back to where I should be.

This is some thing I feel people could do for themselves and the lost feeling that a lot of are people expressing thru anger with all that is going on around them would be much better placed helping themselves to a happier life and more peaceful life.If you up our Gratitude rate like me for a while and see what happens.Make your higher power who ever you want it to be, God, your dog it does not matter once it is the higher power you are happy with.Nobody can criticise your choice as nobody will know anyway.My mother has worked well  for me but that is not to say that choice would suit everyone and anyway she is my mother so find your own!   

To start to rediscover ourselves we need to get back to basics and look around and really access were we are personally.The current reality that we need to review is our current reality .Not what the newspapers are telling us not what the TV is telling us and not what your neighbours or extended family members are telling you,YOUR current reality is YOURS currently and for this you have to decide if you are grateful for what you have.If so great thats your starting point.