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People that know me will know that I have become a much more positive individual than in the past.In the past I let life’s ups and downs affect me and instead of accepting them as they are, a passing phase, my confidence and self-esteem dropped to an all time low.After confronting this over a number of years, being upbeat is now my de-fault position.With this in mind I find it more difficult than I should to ignore the negativity of people and the media in particular.

Most people in my circle of friends and acquaintances would view being positive as a plus, that subconsciously they feel better and more able to face what the day and weeks can bring.This is particularly thru of business people and higher management where pressure to perform along with the home commitments are really dragging them down over the last number of months.Being up-beat was part of their defense.

Today I was at a seminar in the Rochestown Park  Hotel which was titled Confidence  in Action.This was a very well organised event and for that I wish to thank the people who put the effort into making it so.All the speakers were positive, all contributions from the floor where positive even from the unemployed that were in attendance.Bobby Kerr from the Dragons Den was very good to listen to on programme  as was Donal Clancy from Quinn Healthcare.The highlight came in the shape of two very  substantial business men by the names David McKernan-Founder of Java Republic and Gerry Murphy-Founder of Great Gas Filling Stations and the Social Entrepreneur behind the rebuilding of Church Town in North Cork.These guys despite all of their ups and downs have not a negative bone in their bodies and view their failures with as much fondness as their success.

Why, because they did not start out to fail and they invested their time and money in these projects and they did not work out financially, to these guys what they learned from these failures allowed them to be more successful the next time.It was glorious to sit in a room where I did not have to listen to negativity for six hours.Not to listen to people complaining about having to contribute a small payment towards THEIR pension, not to read news papers telling us we are finished.Not to have to listen to Matt Copper on Today FM telling us that Ireland PLC is bankrupt.

I had the miss-fortune to catch some of his show on Wednesday night when he had a guest on who had written a book claiming that being positive was not a desirable way to live and that she was proud of her negative attitude and this was much better than any positive feelings she could imagine.Matt was made up because if you have listened to his show over the last three years you will be aware of the his delight in telling it as it is.When he introduced the woman in question he childishly said that he and others in the media are being accused of starting the reccession.We all know the names of the people in question,Copper,McWilliams and Lee would be the stand out guys.Not a positive bone in their bodies, but rather conceited of Matt to think his little Radio show or newspaper column could cause the present difficulties. 

My problem is not with what is being reported but the way in which it is being reported.The spin which Matt Copper and others are putting on the present recession is detrimental to all in the country.It affects the speed of recovery it also depresses people and this creates lethargy, so they do not perform at their best this affects the economy. The good news stories of the last two years get buried or only merit short mention.At todays Seminar we had a presentation from Marc Coleman the Economics Editor, with Newstalk Radio.His spin on the economic crisis is somewhat different to the people mentioned earlier in this blog.Marc work for the ERSI and the european bank and was the lead economist on the Irish Times so you would call him qualified to comment.His first point was that there is not over 400,000 people unemployed in Ireland, that figure is the live register,which means it includes part-time workers,also consider 165,000 was our starting point two years ago, so all this is not as a result of the recession.Our national debt will be 80 billion at the end of 2012, so what this figure will still be the second lowest per capita in Europe.We have currently have 1.8 million people working in the economy,that is 800,000 more than in the late 80’s.Our nett population growth this year despite emigration is 35,000 people due to the fact that 77,000 babies were born this year and only 30,000 people died on average every year.Our population is growing which has long-term positive effects on the economy.We will have more young people to support the older people in the population than any other country in Europe.

Now I do not know about you guys but I would much prefer to hear that kind of information that the depressing ,downbeat rubbish that the main stream media are peddling to us.The positive spin would in fact give people a far better feeling about themselves and the country we are living in.Now I am not blind to the fact that there is plenty wrong with the country,nothing that a few bullets aimed at the right politician would not sort out but we do not need and I will not listen to the negative spin from our media.It is months since I bought an Examiner newspaper,I rearly listen to Matt anymore instead I have switched to Hookie on Newstalk.

Matt Cooper has argued that he is only reporting the facts and he scoffs at the positive people that text and email him that his show is now a turn off and by extension believes that we should like or lump it.Needless to say his listenership figures have dropped in the last year, I wonder why.Can you imagine the British people having to listen to their media telling them they were all going to die because there was no way to beat the Germans in world war two.My arse, they were whipped in to shape in a positive manner by their media.A fervour that is sadly lacking from our media as is pride in our nation.

When people are at their most vulnerable they need support and encouragement.We as a nation are not getting that from our Media we should demand it.We pay their wages on RTE with our license fee and in the general media with advertising.Our politicans are largely cowards who are more concerned at getting reelected that running the country, with the notable exception of Brian Linehan and I don’t say that because of his cancer,but I do wish him well.I say that because he stood up to the unions and told them to sling their hook when they suggested the crazy time off scheme for the public sector, something Biffo and his Bimbo would have readily accepted but for the outcry when Linehan leaked it to the press and also because he has ahd the balls to make a decision and stick to it.So much so we are now being pointed out to the other countries in difficulties.Oh and just to cheer you up somemore the recent Government bonds scheme was over subcribed by 2 billion euro.The international bond investors would not do that unless we were doing a lot right. 

There has been some deviation from my starting point but would you prefer to listen to the negative or the positive, the media will tell you in this country they get more out of bad news than good news stories!My own position is clear, give me the positive every time and begin to text,email,ring or snail mail you media outlets and tell them so if you are with me.If you are a sad individual who revels in misery good luck to you enjoy Matt and his buddies but do not expect anything good to come of it.There may be no medical proof that being positive is better for you but it does not take a rocket scientist to know which one will make you feel better.

I put to you all the answer has to be PLUS,PLUS and Plus again.