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The first question most people will ask is what are the three laws?They are Attraction,Momentum and Focus and are now being taking far more seriously than ever before.The question is do they exist and are they any practical help to people in present circumstances.The answer is yes and I would go one further and suggest that there is a fourth law, the law of Gratitude

People the world over are now aware of the Law of Attraction because of the book and DVD called The Secret, but would not be aware of the other two, Momentum and Focus.My addional one has like the other three always been with us but like all laws they have been ignored of late.These massively powerful laws of this universe are not evoked often enough by all the people of the world and get this straight, everybody has the right and ability to evoke them.

In my past life I would have been a total cynic and laughed at anybody who talked of such things.Universal Laws me arse would have been my ready and caustic reply but over the last five years my view has changed.As I have witnessed great change within myself and those around me.Since I stopped drinking in an effort to save myself and my relationships the changes have come at a regular and amazing rate.Reading positive books which make you consider who you are and can give you new perspectives on your life and the path you have decided to wander down.

Victor Frankel’s book Mans Search for Meaning has greatly moved anybody who has read the book.In his book he asks what makes people against the greatest of odds want to survive and what makes others after years of struggle against an oppressive regime decide to give up and died within days of doing so.Frankel survived against very high odds in his three years in the work and death camps that was the Nazi regime.Why? He had his prize manuscript destroyed on his first day in the camps and he decided there and then that he had to survive to rewrite it after he was free from the war.Despite the conditions he was grateful to be alive and never once gave up the ideal of living and fulfilling his mission to rewrite the book.

During his three years he saw many people live and strive to live in terrible conditions only to one day decided enough was enough.This would usually mean they would die within days.During his time in the camps he also discovered things about himself that most people will never get the chance to do,he discovered his true self and on doing so vowed to be true to himself no matter what happened.If this was to cost him his life did not matter ,what did matter was that he stuck to his beliefs.Not an easy thing to do.His feeling after the war on reflection was that other people did not have a good enough reason to continue to survive unlike him, who had his life’s work to rewrite after the war finished and his new found self.

After reading the book I would have to say that the universal laws were also a big part of his story even though he never mentioned them himself in the book.My reason for saying this is that his Focus, to outlive the Nazi regime rewrite the book, never wavered. His acceptance of his then current reality and his Gratitude to be alive and positive thought process actually helped him escape the hangman’s noose on more than one occassion.He Attracted good luck and the Momentum carried him right thru to the last days of the war and freedom.He lived to a good age and got to rewrite his book which is a best seller in most countries.He is also the father of a treatment called Logotherapy which the third form of psychotherapy, this was what the manuscript that was taken off him the first cay in the work camps  contained.

Other people use the laws in less dramatic ways every day.This can be in private or working life and if you talk to people as I have started to do you would be amazed by how many use the laws intentionally and unintentionally.Some people are naturally optimistic and positive in their thinking.These people are successful people in life or in business.Richard Branson has always operated in this manner only surrounding himself with positive people with a can do attitude.All thru business in Ireland you will see that top business and sports people are constantly upbeat and will always look for the positive in all they do.Ronan O’Gara is always upbeat in his honest assessment of the Irish or Munster teams performance, if things have not gone well he acknowledge’s that upfront and seeks to highlight the positives. 

We as a nation do not do this and it has reached pandemic proportions and the recession has badly shaken our confidence.If one by one we start to evoke the Four Universal Laws and take charge of our lives then we will see improvements.Iam now practising the law of gratitude daily.I think of all that I should be thankful for and say them, health,family, life style and so on.My wife and I both work on the law’s of attraction and momentum for ourselves and our business.The focus is not anywhere close to where it should be but we are aware of this and are about to take steps to correct this.Since doing this in the last twelve months we are in a much better place and we are seeing the results of our labours with more to come in 2010 we both are expecting a great year.

The sceptics in you will say,ah sure there are only working smarter and harder, thats why things are on the up.Universal Laws me arse.Well you would be part right and wrong.I can tell since we made the conscious decision to adopt these principles our lives have changed.Not in a very dramatic way but in subtle ways for the better.For that reason I would commend to you all that these laws do exist and you should explore them yourselves as you have nothing to lose.If I can be of any help contact me.