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This has been an incredible year for personal growth.We learned more about ourselves this year then we have from the previous ten years.Why?It’s like all the best Coaches say it is easy when you are winning not so when losing.Well this year we had a hard year due to the economy and our surroundings.We either moved forward to growth or we went backwards due to fear.

This at first glance may seem unfair but the more I study human behaviour the more this becomes clear.We are all under pressure this year.That can come from just paying the bills or running a business or trying to hang on to our good jobs or pay cuts if you are in the public sector.The media have not given any relief from this as they will get more out of bad news than from anything positive news.They compound an already bleak out look which pervades thru out the country.

The growth is in the people who despite all this have decided that they decide their own destiny and not the government or banks or anybody else for that matter.These people have moved forward and embraced the current reality.This positive attitude runs contrary to all current feeling out there.So how do they do this.They ignore whats is going on by creating their own current reality.Bill Cullen, Michael O Leary and high-profile people you would know that have done this, but many more are doing the same thing.

I have spoken to people who have increased or held their trade this year.They are few and far between but they do exist.The common tread is that these people are positive and completely ignore what is going on around them and accept that the path they are going down will succeed.

This is not as difficult as it may seem.Stop buying newspapers or restrict yourself to the sports or fashion section.Stop listening to the news on the radio.Believe in the power of the law of attraction and law of momentum.Both of these are very simple you have to simply believe in yourself and not let the opinions and beliefs of others sway you from your course.Sounds easy and it is, but it takes discipline.Also family members have to be ignored and anybody with a negative opinion. 

Try some of these ideas in your life or business and commit to them and change will come.