Well why do you think I cannot sleep.I am not sure.

Maybe it is something to do with the struggle going on inside my head between my ego and my soul, my inner self.

Having finished a Coaching course a few months ago my insight into this battle has grown hugely.I now understand that I can control this if I want to.Some times I do and sometimes I just let the debate continue so see where it is going.

Presently it is about money and our family business.In Ireland as everywhere we are in recession and business is very badly squeezed.We are battling to continue trading in very difficult times with little or no help from anybody.We self employed work without a net.This presents quite a challenge which we are winning and will ultimately win because we have a sound business model.

This does not stop the debate or the effort to come up with the next great idea.We are constantly evolving and changing and thinking, as somebody said in business you either change or die.This is specially true at the moment.If business people do not hang on over the next six to twelve months then they will regret it as the highest cause of business failure is people just giving up.In some cases this is very understandable as we in business are very isolated only people that are self-employed understand the pressure which we are under.The government certainly has no bulls notion about business and we can only hope that the budget will bring some relief to the hard pressed business community.

It is imperative that people are encouraged to start spending again as the lack of cash flow is the main strangle hold over all business at present.This is what has prompted the debate in my head over the last couple of hours.Who do we pay and when ,who is the next on the list.It’s not that we won’t pay it is that we do not have enough coming in to cover all the outgoings.

I hope Mr Lenihan gets this budget right tomorrow and that unlike the last budget he does not drop another clanger about having to remove another five billion out of the government spend at the next budget like he did at the end of the last budget.Heres hopeing people will become more positive about the further as at the moment people are very depressed and it is easy to see why.

I am off to bed to try again and hope that Mr Lenihan has his haircut before tomorrows speech as it looked like something out of the fifties this evening on the news.