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I am sitting here with that question upmost in my mind.
This is becoming a personal tradegy of epic proportions for the Woods family.
O, how the mighty have fallen!
We are watching the events unfold and nobody has come forward and made a worthwhile statement for either Tiger or his family.The longer this goes on the bigger the story will become. The more the press will feed off this and the shabbier the whole event will become.

A word of advice Tiger, forget about the Tiger.com brand right now. Forget about protecting your image.Forget what the weenies from Nike and all the other companies.This is about you the human being and your wife Elin and your children.Remember when all this clears , which it will, these are the people you will want around you, the company weenies will be long gone.

The company people are trying to protect an image not a human.So what if the companies pull their contacts you have amassed more than enough money that if you never earned another penny from sponsorship it does not matter.This of course will not be the case.Given a very short space of time other companies will be lining up to get your signature.Also you can always earn enough by winning golf tournaments.

Make a clean breast of the whole thing quickly, waiting only makes you look more calculating.In Ireland a number of years ago we had two scandals very close together.One involving a Bishop of the Catholic Church and the other one of our biggest names in business. The Bishop fathered a child and when confronted he hide behind the Church, he never dealt with the issue and it rolled on for years, yes years.He had to wait for years to be able to move back to his home.The business man was found to have taken Cocaine with a call girl and gone ballistic in a hotel in Florida.It all became public knowledge and Mr Dunne arrived home to his wife and children.He took a few days to gather himself and then gave an interview on one national news paper.He did not hide anything he made a clear breast of things and said SORRY.He was contrite, fifteen years later he is still with his family and even when interviewed he still does not run away from the issue of that time.He was on national TV on Friday night and people love him.Why, he was honest and threw himself prostrate in front of everybody and asked for forgiveness.

He was HUMBLE.

This is a much under used term these days but you would want to get your head around it.Having followed your career since you turned pro, it is not a term that would spring to my mind when considering Tiger Woods.The word Bully would come much more easily.Your treatment of people who have crossed you over the years is not pretty and from what I can glean from fellow pros thru statements over the years is that of respect and fear not love or fellowship.Fuzzy,Butch,the player interviewer working for NBC and other stories because these people crossed Tiger they were dealt with in a very nasty and uncomprising manner.

To conclude Tiger move and move fast.Get your head clear and sort out what your priorities are.Your Family or Career.This is a defining moment for you I hope you chose well.This is only a moment in your lives, this will all fade away, but only if you ACT NOW.