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I wrote last week that Tigers alledged transgression was his and his wifes business and nobody elses.The developments of the last week have now changed that paradime.Why, well he now appears to have transgressed on a number of occasions, which shows human frailties.Tiger in the past has dealt very harshly when such frailities have been shown by other people.Two examples jump out for mention Fuzzy Zellor and Butch Harmon, there are others but I am not sure of their names so I will stick to the two previously mentioned.Butch Harmon made the mistake of saying that as Tiger was growing and developing on the tour he (Butch) could see some of himself in Tiger and that it was his example that Tiger was following and not that of Earl his father.Boom fired within days.Fuzzy’s transgression was to question what meal Tiger was going to serve at the Masters dinner.This tradition is for the Champion to choose the menu for the following year’s champions dinner.Fuzzy hoped that Tiger would not pick fried ckicken.This was the staple diet for the poor African-American population in the deep south and was taken to be a racist comment something Zeller denies to this day.Boom Tiger brought the considerable weight of his organisation to bear on Fuzzy, he was blackballed and shunned this caused very real problems for Zeller.Invitations to tournaments dried up and it took a major intervention some years later to have Tiger remove his dogs.Why would I revive these stories, both show that Tiger was very unforgiving when people crossed him or his family.Why should people now treat Tiger any differently?It is my opinion that they shouldn’t because he has left hilself open to the critism.
This will have along term stain on his legacy in the game of Golf.When you look at the Greats of the game,Jones,Nelson,Palmer,Trevino,Watson and Nicklaus all of these champions have one thing in common,Humility, this can not be said of Tiger, I am a big fan but humility is not a word I would think of when I think of Tiger.Nelson was long retired from the professional game but would still mentor young golfers who sought him out on the beloved ranch in Texas and when the falling out between himself and Ben Hogan was at its height Nelson would never make on negative comment about Hogan despite Hogan not having the same tact in return.Nickluas fought for players rights and backed Trevino when his was at the end of some very poor treatment by racists in certain golf clubs and golf organisations.This he did without prompting but because he knew it was wrong.Bobby Jones died a very slow painful death from a disease which should have killed him within five to seven years but he lived with for fifteen years and was completely dependent on others for all, but never complained. Jones did have the brashness in his early career but this was soon replaced by humility and remember he never received a penny for playing golf despite loads of opportunity.
Tiger will make the Eighteen majors that he craves but unless he brings himself back earth it will be a hollow victory which will be a pity because he is a supreme golfer with only two that it could be said to have the talent he possess, Nicklaus and Jones. To be mentioned in the same sentence as these two ledgends is no doubt a major thing for Tiger but unless that cold hard calculating manner and facade when dealing with the press is addressed people will rightly think he is above the rest of us mortals.He has to learn to suffer fools gladly something that up to now he has being unable to do.My hope is that his wife and children will come out of this alright and with the best outcome for them.As he caused the problem with his wandering eye he really has nobody to blame but himself.Dispite what ever his ego is telling him