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Really lads do we not have enough to be going on with, without looking for lurid head lines about this guy and his family life.It looks like they had a row and he crashed the car.So what?The sequence of events prior to the crash are pure speculation which Tiger will not share, no chance.If they have marriage problems are they much different to any of us?Rumors of a affair by that bastion of publishing the National Enquirer are pure b*****t as they have linked that woman to a good half dozen other men over the twelve months.He has set himself up to be shot at when he falls or show he is human but really in the greater scheme of things what has happened.Child abuse,no.Murder, Rape,no,No and NO again.He crashed his jeep at 2.30 am outside his house and the only injuries are to the man himself and a fire Hydrant, which can be replaced and if asked I am sure Tiger could raise the funds for that job.This is an intensely private man who protects his family above everything else.His golf profile means he is in the public eye but does not mean we should expect any information on his private life.I see the police are now going to look for his medical records because they are not happy that some of the injuries could have happened pre crash,ie the wife gave him a “facial” as its called in rugby parlance.Why? Tiger is an adult if he wants to press charges against his wife he could do, if he does not then it’s nobody elses business.I hope this blows over and that they are left to themselves to deal with what ever ails them.Best of luck the Woods family