As a nation we need to move forward and embrace where we are. I am fed up of the negativity and bullshite about who is to blame.Just like the Lisbon vote today we are being given very poor leadership from our countries politicans.The few that are making any sence are Michael O Leary and the yes side in business.Really I think Coir and their like should be ashamed of the lies and fear they have spread, but they will have no problem going to mass over the weekend and beating their breast in praise of God.These lies they print and publish are to serve they own interests and not the interests of the country. Their selfish bullshit has nothing to do with logic or the betterment of the people living here. It is an effort to scare monger and frighten people, but to what end? In my opinion it is the old Catholic teaching of, keep the people poor and they will be better off.Coirs argument on the minimum wage is a lie, pure and simple.This organisation would rank with organisations such as Youth Defense and other right-wing hate filled groups.Who have appointed them selves Gods defenders on earth.Pure nutters, dangerous intelligent nutters.No where in any religion is it acceptable to subject people to serfdom. We should just let people make their own decisions for themselves.Some organisations such as Declan Ganlys Libertais and others are of the opinion the ordinary person in the street is unable to make an informed decision.They know better!!Well they don’t and if they had their way we would not have joined the EEC in the early seventies.The gathering of those against really does look like a collection of loons,Ganly and friends are in a small minority but are boxing away above their weight, why?Because as a nation we will believe a Liar quicker then we will somebody telling the truth.This practise has being prevalent for some centuries in Ireland.We have all heard the rumours passed around about famous people and sports people in this country. These lies fly around where as the when the person in question confronts them we say,ah there is no smoke without fire.They just can not win.If we had not joined the EEC in the seventies where would we be now.Still a third world country.We should not forget all the now EU have done for us and all the wealth poured into this country since our membership was ratified.Some would argue that this wealth might have come anyway, well it would not, its bullshit as the American multi nationals would not have been attracted to Ireland as our membership gave them access to the European market.Lets hope that we have enough sence to vote YES because if not God help us all.