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We in Ireland are going thru a recession which seems worst then else where. This is due to the collapse of the building boom which was under way for over ten years.We had built this myth that our economy was different to others and could not stop growing at unrealistic speed.We all got sucked in, why, greed, pure and simple.I was one of those people that accepted that we were bullet proof.Hands up we messed up on a massive scale.At the present time most people are still looking for where to apportion blame.It is a useless pursuit as all the energy is wasted and what will we have in return, nothing.If this inertica is allowed to continued we are facing much deeper problems in the futher.What is the current reality?If we do not face it we will all suffer more than we are already suffering.All change and recovery will only come from within ourselves and not from others.The motivation for change has to intrinsic because this is the only motivation that is sustainable in the medium to long term and the only proven motivation that gets results.Einstein said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.As a people we have to examine ourselves see what we can change about ourselves and not waste valuable energy trying to change others.Blaming the bankers developers and the government is futile and will not solve anything.Internal change is where it’s at and I hope people will realise this for their own benefit.By pursuing internal change we will affect all those around us, our personal growth will help to focus on our goals in life and will help to shed the cloak of negativity. This negativity will only drag us down further and will hold back our development as human beings.